Content Management

Social Media Strategy

A well thought through social media strategy will enable your business to utilise and apply your social media efforts into platforms which are going to work best for your products or services.A good strategy will help you to increase your social media presence, share content and gain the followers and audience you want.

Email Marketing

We can set up and help you manage your email marketing campaigns. Email marketing allows for targeted and personalised messages and is still the most effective way of reaching new and current customers.

Social Media Management

We can bring together and manage of all of your social media platforms from the one tool. We can monitor, schedule, track and account for all your social media platforms in one easy dashboard.
All social media platforms are reportable and measurable. We can provide you with social media metrics from any of your social media feeds. For example; Facebook, LinkedIN, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Key Benefits of email Marketing

  • Personalization
  • Targeted segmentation
  • Improved customer experience
  • Efficiency through automation
  • Retargeting to create contextually relevant web advertising

Social Media Policy

Social media platforms not only provide information to audiences and readers in live time, they also allow a high level of reader interaction. This makes it easier for people to comment on a live feed. Having a policy in place for determining how social media is managed will make it easier to deal with any social media issues that may arise such as trolling or negative feedback.

Transactional Emails

Email marketing can encourage social sharing, via embedded social media feeds. These feeds can be set up to feed dynamically or via RSS into your emails to help you boost your social media following. Combining the best of two powerful mediums.

Social Media Lifestreaming

We can syndicate your all social media channels and feeds to be visible from the one web page.
Lifestreaming allows viewers to see a live, real time flow of all of your online content and social interaction by enabling all social media comments, blog posts, photos and news into a designated section on one of your webpages.

Content Quality, Not Quantity

For readers to remain engaged, any content needs to be relevant and timely. Having multiple social media platforms does not necessarily equate to increased audience numbers, the streams and content needs to be relevant, engaging, monitored, maintained and managed.

Increase your SEO, brand awareness and product or service messaging.